AMA Delegate Pre-Annual June 2016 Meeting Report
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The AMA Annual Meeting will be held June11-15 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.  There will be many Reports and Resolutions, some of interest to various ACLM Members. Any Resolutions which an AMA/ACLM Member wishes introduced as an ACLM Resolution must first be approved by the ACLM EC/BOG. Of particular interest at this Meeting is the effort by the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA) to get House of Delegates (HOD) approval of the Modernized Code of Ethics (MCE) on which CEJA has been working since 2008. As the Code is enacted into Law in Ohio and to some extent in other states and is treated as if it were law by some state medical boards, it is important to many ACLM Members. I will be on the Reference Committee which will be dedicated to the Code. This same Committee heard testimony on the MCE at the November AMA Interim Meeting. The hope of all is that the revisions made by CEJA since November will allow it to be adopted by the HOD at this session. The current revised version may be viewed on line at: Please send me any comments through the ACLM office so that they may be shared with the BOG who may wish to instruct me as to any ACLM positions.

Respectfully submitted,
Richard S Wilbur ,MD JD