AMA Annual Meeting June 05-09, 2015
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The AMA Annual Meeting as always had a wide variety of activities and actions.  The full report is available online at:”” under both “AMA Wire” and “House of Delegates.”

ACLM, as well as all other Specialty Societies, is reviewed every five years to see if it should be allowed to continue to have a seat in the House of Delegates.  This year ACLM was reviewed and accepted for another five years.  Of the 17 societies reviewed, ACLM tied for top percentage of Fellows who also are AMA Members.

Of interest to some of our members is the legal requirement to be vaccinated.  One of the California delegates, Richard Pen, is also a State Senator who introduced a bill into the California Legislature removing non-medical exemptions for vaccinations for patients.  The Delegates approved a resolution to this effect and rejected a Council of Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA) Report allowing doctors to refuse vaccination for themselves on the grounds of “deeply held beliefs.”

Subjects of more than usual concern included Maintenance of Certification (MOC) by ABMS Boards, especially ABIM.  The requirements too often don’t measure what MDs are actually should know in practice.  Also, there were openly expressed complaints about the economic windfalls for the Boards   MOC is already tied to hospital staff privileges and, in some cases, reimbursement.  The tying of MOC to the FSMB movement toward Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) increased the anxiety.

Other major concerns for the HOD were GME funding as Medicare support drops, generic drug price increases, especially for cancer medications, and ICD-10 implementation costs complicated by potentially large revenue loss when coding is considered to be incorrect and reimbursement denied  by the third party payers.
There was discussion of the beneficial effects of telemedicine and the FSMB multistate compact (now adopted by 11 states) to facilitate it through easing the licensure by reciprocity.

Of Legal Medicine matters:  There were no Resolutions or Reports on malpractice, but one optional lecture session on California trial attorneys and MICRA and one on the legal aspects of medical record keeping.  The Case of the North Carolina Dental Board was discussed, but no official action taken.

Respectfully submitted
Richard S. Wilbur MD JD FCLM
ACLM Delegate.