2017 Annual Meeting Call for Posters
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2017 ACLM Annual Meeting

Health Law in the 21st Century: Challenges in a Changing Environment

The 2017 ACLM annual meeting will be the February 24 - 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Posters have been well received in the past, and we would love to see you and, if you teach, your students contribute again this year.

Submission Deadline has passed

Abstracts will be accepted on a rolling/as received basis. The earlier you submit, the earlier you will know if your abstract was accepted. All will be reviewed by 1 February 2017.

Your abstract should be in the form of a Word document that can be manipulated in case the format needs to be modified or other minor changes made. Please leave us a little space should that be necessary. Do not submit a PDF; it will not be accepted. Posters will be presented at a lunch session on Friday, Feb 24 and on display throughout the meeting.

Fellows and Other Members

The poster session is not only for students. Please join in this year by preparing a poster about an interesting case, a particular research interest, or a historical incident from the field of legal medicine.

Basanta Poster Award Winner

The ACLM Foundation is offering a $350 prize for the best poster

  1. authored by a student alone or with others, and
  2. presented at the annual meeting in February by that student.

The Basanta Award Winner will also receive a complimentary one-year membership in the American College of Legal Medicine.


All poster abstracts accepted will be published is a supplemental edition of the Journal of Legal Medicine or other medical legal publications.

Specific Information

Submit your abstract as soon as possible to kristym@aclm.org.

  • Paper must be standard US size, 8 1/2" x 11"; margins must be top 1.25, sides and bottom 1.3; font, Arial 12 point.
  • Each author's name should be followed by degrees, etc.; position; institution; city and state; and e-mail, if you wish that included. If multiple authors are from the same institution, those names should follow one another with the other information following the last named author. Second and additional lines here should be indented 5 spaces. If the authors are from different institutions, please list each and his or her identifying information separately with one space between each.
  • The title, in bold, should be centered on the fourth line down (leave 3 blank) from the information about the author or authors. This should be followed by two blank lines.
  • The body of your abstract should be no more than two pages long, spaced as you see fit --single, 1.5, or double, and with justified margins, i.e. straight margins. Please begin major headings on the left margin and underline them; minor headings should begin 1/2" in from the left margin and be underlined also.
  • The poster itself should be unitary (appearing as one document) and with dimensions not to exceed 42" vertically and 90" horizontally; if you will use only half a board, 21" x 45," please tell us.
  • No more than 5 posters will be accepted from a single, first author.
  • Please consider whether a handout would enhance your presentation.
  • You will be expected to stand by your poster(s) and discuss it/them with interested individuals during the poster sessions.
  • One author, who may be a faculty member, must be present at the meeting. We encourage student participation. Please note the special price of $50 for student member registration ($75 for student non-members).
  • If you are not a member of the College, you must include a letter or email from a member who has agreed to sponsor you. If you require a referral to a member, please contact the ACLM office at info@aclm.org.
  • You are responsible for receiving permission to republish any copyrighted material, such as a chart or figure.
  • Posters that appear to be advertisements for a business or service or which endorse or promote a product will not be accepted.
  • Questions about posters themselves should be directed to Karin Zucker at ameddja@att.net.