2015 Annual Meeting Registration Information
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The Executive Office of the ACLM manages registration for the 55th Annual Meeting. Please call the ACLM office at (847) 447-1713 if you have any questions.

Registration Fee Includes:

  • Entrance to Scientific Sessions
  • Noted Food Functions
  • One Ticket to the President’s Welcome Reception
  • One Ticket to the Annual Awards and Networking Banquet
  • Admission to the Women’s Leadership Breakfast
  • Admission to Dental Symposium
  • Program Materials in Electronic Format

ACLM has started a green initiative, so we are cutting down on the use of paper and going electronic, which also cuts costs for the society as a whole. A link to the electronic version of the program book will be available on the website one week before the meeting. You will also be given a copy on a flash drive.

Spouse/Guest Registration Fee Includes:

  • Continental Breakfast
  • One Ticket to the President’s Welcome Reception
  • One Ticket to the Annual Awards and Networking Banquet

Single Day Registration Includes:

  • Entrance to One Day of Scientific Sessions
  • Electronic Program on a Flash Drive
  • One Continental Breakfast
  • Admission to Single Day Dental Symposium
  • Admission to Women’s Leadership Breakfast

Early Registration Deadline

Meeting registration forms must be received by the ACLM Executive Office by January 21, 2015 to receive the discounted early registration rate. All forms received after this deadline will be assessed the regular registration fee.

Registration Cancellation and Refund Policy

Registration refund requests must be submitted in writing to the ACLM Executive Office no later than January 21, 2015. All refund requests will be subject to a $100.00 processing fee. No refunds will be made after January 21, 2015.

Special Needs

For accommodations on the basis of disability or special dietary need, please call (847) 447-1713.


Contact the ACLM Executive Office:
Phone: (847) 447-1713 | Email: info@aclm.org

Educational Needs

Physicians, dentists, attorneys and educators who practice in the healthcare industry and its related fields recognize that the practice of medicine is com¬plicated by abundant legislative requirements, administrative rules and regulations and Federal/State court decisions interpreting those laws. It is difficult to maintain a working knowledge of these developments. This meeting will provide details of new legislation, rules and court decisions, societal changes and shifts in the market place that will impact the practice of medicine. Key changes impacting the practice of medicine during the past one to two years include: the impact of technology including Electronic Medical Records (EMRs); accountable care organizations and their evolution; state imposed ethics require¬ments as part of the continuing education process; physicians seeking non-traditional employment; medical malpractice; the outsourcing of healthcare services; and social networking’s impact on the practice of medicine.


The 55th Annual Conference of the American College of Legal Medicine will focus on a diverse range of current legal medicine topics.

By the conclusion of this meeting, participants should be able to:

  • Describe recent legislative and court opinions affecting medical and dental practice.
  • Integrate medical and legal ethics into their daily practice.
  • Translate the impact of globalization on public health policy.
  • Integrate new regulatory changes into current practice.
  • Describe dental and legal issues involved in today’s health care.
  • Explain the practice of legal medicine and healthcare initiatives on a global or international perspective
  • Outline the action steps required to comply with the HIPAA “final rule” compliance changes, which became effective September 23, 2013.
  • Understand the impact of technological approaches in the synthesis of designer drugs, and creative prosecution of the non-scheduled, illicit, analog drug
  • Explain the legal and regulatory aspects of vaccine development and deployment
  • Assess realistic future possibilities regarding the fate of the ACA