7th Annual Ethic and Legal Aspects of Dentistry Conference
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Concurrent Program Schedule


Friday | Saturday

Friday, February 27

1:30 - 3:00 pm

Dental Session I

Moderator: Chester Gary, DDS, JD, FCLM

1:30 - 2:00pm

Evidence-Based Dentistry

Russ Christensen, DDS

2:00 - 2:30pm

Evidenced Based Dentistry — What It Shows and What it Doesn’t

Dean Mert N. Aksu, DDS, JD, MHSA, FCLM

2:30 - 3:00pm

Ethical Questions About the Content of Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Pamela Zarkowski, JD, MPH, FACD

Q/A - Break

3:30 - 5:30 pm

Dental Session II

Moderator: Frank Riccio, DDS, JD, FCLM

3:30 - 4:00pm

Dentistry at the Crossroads ­— Statistics From the AD

David Preble, DDS, JD, CAE, Vice President, Practice Institute, American Dental Association

4:00 - 4:30pm

Dental Specialization: The New and Old — Non ADA Paradigms

Daniel L. Orr, II, DDS, MS, Ph.D., JD, MD, FCLM, DABLM

4:30 - 5:00pm

Impact of New DEA Controlled Substance Regulatons on Clinical Practice

Clark Whitmire, DMD, JD, FCLM, FACD, CW

5:00 - 5:30pm

Options for Pain Medicine in Dentistry

Richard Harold, DMD, JD, FCLM

Saturday, February 28

8:00 am - 9:45 am

Dental Session III

Moderator: Joseph Graskemper, DDS, JD, FCLM, DABMM

8:00 - 8:25am

A Diagnostic Tool to Reduce Your Risk When Reading CBCT Scans

Dale Miles, BA, DDS, MS, Cone Beam Radiographic Services

8:25 - 8:55am

The Wisdom Triangle: Panoramic CBCT or Coronectomy

Navot Givol, DMD, OMFS, Soroka University Medical Center

8:55 - 9:20am

Informed Consent as an Integral Part of Treatment Planning: Educator Perspectives

Toan “Bill” Tham, DDS, JD, FCLM

9:20 - 9:45am

How to Minimize in Implant Dentistry: What Every Dentist Needs To Know

Rollie Matsui, BSc, DDS, LL.B., FCLM

Q/A - Break

10:15 am - 12:15 pm

Dental Session IV

Moderator: Daniel L. Orr, II, DDS, MS, Ph.D., JD, MD, FCLM, DABLM

10:15 - 10:45am

Criminal Liability of Health Care Professionals — What You Need to Know

Frank Riccio, DDS, JD, FCLM

10:45 - 11:15am

Dentists and the Law: Headlines We’d Rather Not See

Irene Bober-Moken, DMD, MPH, FACD

11:15 - 11:45am

Dental Office Regulatory Compliance

Chester Gary, DDS, JD, FCLM

11:45 - 12:15pm

Teaching Dental Students Legal Reasoning: A Case Study in Fee Splitting

Bernard Friedland, B.Ch.D., MSc, JD, FCLM, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Q/A - Break

12:00 - 1:00 pm

Cyril Wecht Luncheon

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective DIs: Key Cognitive Factors in Psychological Autopsies

1:30 - 3:00 pm

Dental Session V

Moderator: Rollie Matsui, BSc, DDS, LL.B., FCLM

1:30 - 2:00pm

The “Sunshine” Act: Relevance to Dental Practice and Research

Kalu Ogeburke, BDS, MSc, DMSc, JD, FCLM, DABMM, Professor, The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston

2:00 - 2:30pm

Patient Abandonment and Termination

Joseph Graskemper, DDS, JD, DABMM, FCLM, Associate Clinical Professor, Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine

2:30 - 3:00pm

An Overview of Dental Licensure in the USA

Nicholas Panomitros, DDS, MA, JD, LL.M., FCLM

Q/A - Break

3:15 - 4:30pm

Sandy Sanbar Lecture

The Unbefriended: A New Protected Class of patients?

4:30 - 6:30pm
Fellows Meeting

7:00 - 9:00pm
Annual Awards Banquet

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